Seal Efforts in Fighting off Counterfeiting Industry


Seal is a platform that isn’t only useful for tracking a product but it can be a marketplace for buying original products. In this modern world where technology is improving, technology isn’t only used for positive uses but also for the negative purpose. Counterfeiting industry, for instance, is one sector that makes use of the technology to generate revenue for their own sake while hurting the original industry at the same time. This is a problem that this platform is trying to address – and stop.

Counterfeit Issue

Imagine this: You are walking into a boutique to finally buy the handbag that you have wanted for months. You have saved your money to buy it. But after you buy it, other people from your social circle say that it is not the original product. It is a fake with a premium quality that is 95% almost similar to the real one. You claim that you buy it from a registered boutique but your friends say that even fakes have entered the legit and trusted boutique. Since the quality of products is truly good and almost similar to the real one, it is very difficult to differentiate it from the original. Sounds like a familiar situation?

Well, welcome to the modern world where even counterfeiting process can happen very perfectly – as if it were the real product. Of course, you don’t want to pay a premium price for a regular product. But the worst part of the experience is the feeling that you have been deceived – and the powerless situation where you can’t really tell the difference.

Solution Offered by Seal

Seal understands the importance of validating and checking a product. Everyone at the platform appreciates the hard work and the determination of the creators, designers, and everyone involved in the process. It would be disrespecting to imitate their work and then sell it for profit. That’s why the development team is creating a platform where people can always check the product directly.

However, this platform isn’t all about checking the product but also a marketplace. If you want to make sure that you buy the original product, simply buy it and then check it. Seal token will be used to access the available services, and this is the only token used in this platform. Naturally, when you want to buy a product from this platform, the token will be used as the main method of payment. If you want to perform the checking, it is going to cost you some tokens too. The token also allows users to interact directly with the provided app.

The combination of a marketplace and a checking platform look great for now, but does the manufacturing industry have the same idea, considering that they need to have a chip implanted within the products? Considering that it is going to cost extra, wouldn’t it be going to deliver an extra work on their part? But in the end, the idea is quite interesting and it is definitely a good cause to support Seal in their fight against counterfeiting.



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