The Deal Coin Role in the Future of Lending Easiness


The matter of borrowing and lending can be super complicated and confusing. It takes determination, trust, and good management to ensure that everything is going smoothly and well. Unfortunately, those elements are often the source of problems. Poor management and lack of determination may lead to the loan being missed or unpaid, creating a whole lot (more) complicated problem.

It’s a good thing, though, that there is a new platform where everyone can work together financially, providing a peer-to-peer lending solution that isn’t only limited to a local area but also to the global scope. With The Deal Coin, borrowing and lending transaction can run smoothly and well – even safer than the traditional system. The most common challenges in borrowing and lending management are being tackled with the advanced technology so everything should be safer, better, and also faster.

About Peer-to-Peer Lending

All these years, people mostly turn to big and credible financial institutions when they need money for the business. Unfortunately, the process isn’t easy and it can take quite a while. On one side, the business needs a fresh capital to grow but on the other side, the business owners don’t have any alternative to get the loan. They will have to wait and go through the process even when it is being complicated and difficult. Even when they often have to wait for a long time, they don’t really have a choice.

The peer-to-peer lending system has been around for quite a while. It is one of the most common practices, really, but not many people realize that they have done so. When you borrow money from your brother or friend, that’s the peer-to-peer system. Instead of going to the financial institutions, you are turning to other people for a loan – provided that they have the money resources and stuff.

The Deal Coin has viewed this phenomenon and it inspires the development team to elevate the assistance to a higher level. If you can’t trust the financial institutions, why not trusting each other? Of course, technology also plays an important role, making sure that the transaction is running smoothly and the overall implementation isn’t obstructed.

Thanks to the blockchain system, everything will be transparent and open. No more hidden agendas. No more hidden fee or such thing alike. And combine it with the smart contract, and you get yourself a truly secured and safe ecosystem allowing you to borrow or lend money in the safest way ever.

The Tokens

DLSD tokens would be used to activate all of the features available on this platform. If you have a proposal to get the loan, you will have to use the tokens. When you want to repay the loan, use the token – which will be calculated and then converted to fiat money. Basically, everything happening on the platform will be using the token as the major source of currency. It’s not so hard to understand the concept of The Deal Coin, is it?



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