The Deal Coin and Token Assets for Improved Usage


A peer-to-peer lending system is probably considered more convenient and less complicated, especially from the procedural point of view. You don’t need to deal with difficult documentation, the long waiting period (which can take months), and complicated credibility checking. But then again, it is considered riskier because it is all about trust. Unfortunately, trust is often misused – leading to uncontrolled payment.

In some cases, the borrowers even run away with the money, leaving the investors empty and clueless. It is also possible that mischievous investors are changing the contract, leaving the borrowers with their financial hardship. That’s why The Deal Coin and its technology are trying to overcome the trust issue while elevating the service to a higher level. No more dishonest practice. No more trust abuse. When everything is laid out in a transparent manner, the transaction can be monitored well and it can prevent fraud.

The Basic Concept

The Deal Coin basic concept is about helping each other. Instead of depending on the bigger institution, why not help one another? The peer-to-peer idea may be able to promote equal and fair transaction, but only when implemented correctly with the right technology. When the trust issue can be tackled, it should be easy to achieve financial equity and flexibility where business owners can get the fresh loans needed for their business development and investors can enjoy investment diversity.

Tokens as Assets

Just because you are dealing with digital transactions, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own private assets. When you buy tokens, you are basically taking part in the ICO investments. It means that you buy the tokens when the price is at the lowest and then expect the value to increase. In most cases, the value will increase when the platform starts. When it gets positive acceptance and it becomes popular, you can be sure that the value will even skyrocket.

The same thing also applies to DLSD token. You can buy the token and do whatever you want with it. Do you want to join The Deal Coin platform and use the tokens? Do you want to keep the tokens only? It is up to you. Be advised, though, that investors who buy the tokens will have to pass KYC and AML checking. If they are verified to have a good reputation and they are legit, it is possible that they can proceed with the purchasing process.

The tokens will deliver flexible usage. If you want to be the lenders, you can transfer your tokens to the borrowers and expect the repayment as written in the contract. If you have a lending proposal, you can activate the features with the tokens. Want to write and secure everything in the smart contract? Use the tokens.

Buying the Tokens

Around 1 billion tokens are planned for the release, with 65% is dedicated to token sale. The pre-sale events were divided into 3 stages from March to April 2018. The public token is set on 4th of May 2018 with 0% bonus. Investors for The Deal Coin can always buy them by spending $0.10 for 1 DLSD token.



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