The cluster economy of DICE Money


DICE Money is a platform that adapts an economic system called cluster economy. Cluster economy is a business system that involves several people with the same characteristics/interests to support a particular business.

In the DICE Money ecosystem, all parties will be interdependent and related to each other. All parties in the DICE Money ecosystem can connect to each other depending on the wishes of each party. Interconnected parties are those with the same interest. The cluster economy of DICE Money ecosystem consists of operators (individuals and businesses) and miner.

DICE Money connects various business sectors (digital and real world) with their investors in the world of cryptocurrency. The businesses/operators will have some investors in the DICE Money ecosystem called miners. But be aware that in order to become operators, individuals or businesses must have DICE Money units in certain quantities. This is a unique 'cooperation' they all share the same opportunities and risks through a simpler and more transparent investment mode.

The mechanism

From the web, we can see that DICE Money is a platform built on improvements over the various weaknesses of the blockchain. This is an interesting point in view of the fact that cryptocurrency-based platforms often make the blockchain technology an attraction for itself; they highlight the advantages of blockchain over existing systems to get more users. DICE Money might work in different ways. The platform seeks to get more users by trying to offer better economic negotiation.

Without realizing that a blockchain-based business platform that, consciously or otherwise, works like a third party. Blockchain may provide transparency and convenience, but it is undeniable that those platforms continue to take advantage of all the economic activities carried out by its users.

Through the cluster economy, DICE Money wants to eliminate the role of the platform as a third party. All activities by operators and miners in the DICE Money ecosystem are done independently (though using DICE Money technology). This does not mean that DICE Money does not take advantage; the platform still takes advantage of the activities of its users, but it does not take advantage of the transaction. This makes every transaction done in the DICE Money ecosystem is a transaction that really has no additional cost.

Cryptocurrency now for everyone

Although cryptocurrency users are increasing from time to time, the fact is there are still many parties who are reluctant to use it for various reasons. Cryptocurrency is a very complex digital currency. For some, this is a complicated currency. With its various limitations, cryptocurrency ultimately belongs only to those who have great guts or are knowledgeable about this.

DICE Money will make cryptocurrency something far simpler. It will function like the money in general. DICE Money users do not have to think about any system supporting their DICE units. The cryptocurrency will provide a support system that will make it easier for everyone to get, store, manage, and use.

DICE Money will be (maybe) the only platform that can work in the global economy. The DICE Money is a platform that can be used online and offline; both in modern and traditional business.



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