Peer-to-Peer Lending Solution with Advanced Technology with The Deal Coin


Dealing with money problem can be quite sensitive, especially if you are involving people around you, such as friends or family members. You probably think, “I can always borrow money from them. No problem.” But do you know that money is the number one cause of a bad and ugly relationship? That’s why most people turn to financial agencies, private lenders, or financial institutions when they need money to grow business.

But then again, getting a loan isn’t easy. Not only you have to prove yourself reliable and trustworthy, you will also deal with complicated and complex procedures. You need to have a good credit. You will have to pass the verification process. You will have to go through tons of documents filling and submission. And that’s not a guarantee that your application for the loan will be granted. It is always possible that they may reject your proposal. And that’s only within the local scope – imagine what your fuss will be when you are dealing with the global scope.

The Easiness Provided by Platform

The Deal Coin is trying to change this condition. The people at this platform understand that dealing with financial institutions isn’t easy so they are providing a solution a the peer-to-peer system. The idea is that business owners won’t be discouraged to get the loan while investors have the bigger opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio.

Is it safe? How are the investors sure that the borrowers won’t run away with their money? How are the borrowers sure that the lenders won’t tamper with the contract? Everything is possible and safe with the technologies adopted by this platform. For a starter, The Deal Coin is implementing crypto technology which ensures fast and efficient transfer. When compared to the traditional banking transfer, the cryptocurrency is more effective and it presents less hassle. Sending and receiving money can be done within minutes only – not days.

The platform also uses blockchain technology that supports openness and transparency. Everything is written and recorded, and once the record is made, it won’t be changed or altered. It also uses the smart contract that will lay out the details of the transaction. Every obligation and right between the borrower and lender will be written and kept there. No one will be able to change it or tweak it. It is completely secured and protected.

The Deal Coin Tokens (DLSD)

Token holds a crucial role in every platform. In most cases, the tokens are used as the currency. In The Deal Coin platform, the tokens are used not only as currency but also as the mean to activate the available features. When you want to make a smart contract, you will have to use The Deal Coin token. When you want to provide a loan, you also use the token. When you want to make a payment, again, you use the token.

Interested in investing money in ICO period? The public sale will start from the 4th of May 2018 for 12 weeks. 1 DLSD token is equal to $0.10. You can use ETH, BTC, Ripple and Fiat Currency to buy the token. Later on, you can decide whether you want to only keep the token or use it for any activity in The Deal Coin.



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