Bitnation Creates an Ideal Digital Nation with Its Technologies


A digital nation isn’t just a concept because Bitnation is trying to make it real. It is a platform that focuses on users’ free of will when they make a decision. Basically, it is about peer to peer service, where users can help each other and get the reward for their assistance.

Example Cases

Bitnation is about unifying people without looking at their background, origin, ethnicity, country, and such thing alike. More and more people are becoming aware that boundaries and governments are the major factors creating limitations to life. It creates unfairness and envious feeling.

For instance, nation A supports similar sex relationships and legalizes it but they are a poor country, while nation B would punish such a thing but they are a pretty wealthy country. Citizens in nation A dream to be able to live like nation B where they don’t need to worry about poverty, while citizens in nation B wish that they can move to nation A’s land which supports greater freedom. But with boundaries, regulations, laws restrictions, and such thing alike, they can’t really move around freely. They are bound to their homeland; accepting what may come.

Through Bitnation, everyone’s dream can come true. Let’s say that the citizens of nation A and B are joining this platform. Citizens from nation B who supports similar sex relationships can legalize their properties. They can find a certified and sworn arbitrator, and ask for his help with the process. And the final outcome (generally in the documented form) will be legal; it goes by the global standard of regulation. Or citizens from nation A want to try their fortune by forming a cooperation with investors from Europe.

They can also find an arbitrator to help with the process, documentation, and such thing alike. Doing such a thing in their real lives would be impossible – if it is possible, it would be under the heavy monitoring of their government.

That’s how this platform functions and works – to create an alternative solution without any limitation or boundaries. Bitnation believes that the world will be a better place when people are able to help each other, and they are truly given the opportunity to do such a thing.

What is PAT?

PAT is the token used as the main currency in this platform. They are used to ‘pay’ for services provided in this platform. Sure, the principle of this platform is to help each other, but you need to be honest that financial incentives are still needed. You can’t really expect people to give free services. However, the token spent for the fee or payment is less expensive than the ones you have to pay in real life.

This platform uses a rating system, which means that those who are considered helpful to others will get a positive reputation. The rating system is done by the AI, so it is not based on other users’ opinions to avoid bias. Positive reputation leads to rewards, which will be done in the form of PAT tokens. That’s why the adoption of PAT token in Bitnation is considered super crucial.



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