Bitnation Concept and Real Implementation in Peer-to-Peer Service


The freedom to be borderless without having to choose a certain nationality should be given to everyone. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with our real life. That’s why we have Bitnation, a platform providing an alternative system where everyone is given the rights to take parts in any activity or organization they want without paying too many details on the border, regulations, and such thing alike.

Basic Concept

Bitnation is more about peer-to-peer borderless and stateless services. People who don’t believe in the fair treatment provided by their government can find refugee here. People who seek mediation or help (because they can’t find one in real life), can always come to this platform. The peer-to-peer relationship is believed to create equal and fair resolution – unlike the resolutions generally provided by the government.

Let say that someone is having a problem with his legal documentation, he can find the resolution in Bitnation. An arbitrator will lend a hand and solve the issue. For his help, the arbitrator will get a positive reputation as well as a reward. That’s who things are done on this platform.

Another cool thing about this platform is the creation of its own app. Any agreement will be recorded through a smart contract, and participating parties will be connected to each other through the chat feature. It simplifies the process and it is completely efficient. That’s why the development team really makes sure that they have covered the technology, getting prepared for the launch.

PAT Tokens Functionalities

PAT is short for Pangea Arbitration Token, which pretty much sums up the basic usage of the token. There are several functions of the token, making it a flexible cryptocurrency for a platform.

First of all, it can be used as ICO investment. Everyone interested in saving their money (and helps grow the platform at the same time), can always take part in the token sale.

Second, it is used as the method of payment. CItizens who want to use an arbitrator or want to resolve a problem need to use the token to pay for services.

Third, the token is used as a reward. Citizens who help with the arbitrary case or resolve an issue will get a positive reputation. They will also be rewarded with the token – a gesture of appreciation. Whenever citizens are able to help with a dispute, complete a contract, create a contract, or help others, they will be given reputation and token.

Reputation is given based on performance, not by popularity. Moreover, the one giving the reputation is LUCY, the AI agent in Bitnation, so the process itself should be automatic and objective. It is supported by blockchain technology to encourage openness and transparency as well as smart contract to see the details of the agreement.

A total of 42 billion tokens will be generated but only 34% of them provided for sales. Those interested in buying the tokens should follow the link containing instructions in a step-by-step manner to finalize the purchase. Only by doing so they can buy the tokens, keep the tokens, and become Bitnation member.



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