AirPod-Sleeping Pods For Travel & Napping Industry


A chance investment

The most effective way for a new company to get capital is through ICO. To do this, a company must use blockchain and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency-based investments are currently experiencing significant improvements.

However, investors should be wary of who they are investing. It cannot be denied that digital currency technology has two major constraints; fraud and scam. New investors who want to try to invest in this field often try to invest in something cheap. They are fooled by brilliant ideas and whitepapers that showcase the great advantages and advantages of its users.

AirPod wants to have investors who already have experience in the field of cryptocurrency. AirPod does not want to find investors who feel cheated when APOD experiences a decline in the exchange rate.

However, AirPod does not rule out receiving investors from outside the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems (as long as investors are aware of the high risk of crypto currency-based investments). Investors are required to buy or exchange their coins or money to APOD. This is one of the main requirements to become a member of the AirPod ecosystem.

AirPod Token and ICO Details

APOD tokens will be sold through two stages; presale and ICO. Both have their respective advantages. Investors who buy APOD at presale will get cheaper rates and earn more bonuses, while investors who buy the tokens at ICO can already see that the tokens, wallets, and the smart contracts can really be used. AirPod will not continue selling the token and return all investors' money the soft cap is not achieved.

The minimum sales target or the soft cap is 2.7 million dollars and the hard-stamp is 20 million dollars. To meet this target, AirPod will sell 80% or about 200 million APOD. Investors can buy the APOD token at a price of 0.10 dollars per token in the presale or slightly more expensive on ICO. Token sales will begin in March 2018. Investors who wish to redeem their money may also contact AirPod for details about how to purchase.

APOD tokens that have been sold will be transferred to the wallet of each user. The wallet and smart contract will be awarded after the investor passes the data verification. If not get away, then the investor will be asked to complete the personal data. If it still does not qualify, AirPod will refund the money or coin of the rejected investor.

AirPod Investors can also come from airlines, airports, or other facility managers who want to provide different services to their users. Airports and airlines are the main targets of AirPod marketing. This is based on AirPod concerns on passenger conditions when transiting. Airports and airlines can work with AirPod to provide a place where the company can put the capsules and rooms (offices) for its crews.

AirPod will also work with several technology providers such as Amazon Fire TV and internet providers to provide high-quality entertainment and internet services that can support the needs of its users while using the capsules. AirPod believes that investors will not only provide financial support but also ideas that can be used to develop AirPod.