Live Services with Onlive


Don’t you find it convenient when you can go online and find a live platform where you can find all kinds of information? This is the concept and idea of Onlive – a platform with a decentralized system, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency inclusion to make the entire operation easy and simple. With ONL token, you can reveal the service and enjoy the overall perks.

About Onlive in General

If you can summarize it within short word description, Onlive is a platform with live services that will break the traditional boundaries. Instead of having a direct interaction face to face, the live service is applicable globally and it can reach all internet users. Only a few people understand the importance of such a live service, which can basically save lives.

Supposed that you are under the weather but you can’t really go out because of your condition. No one is at home and yet you don’t know what’s wrong with you. Don’t you think that it would be great if you can consult a live doctor service? You only need to stay connected to the doctor, have a live interaction, and you know what to do.

Not only such a service is convenient, it also helps with your diagnose. In case your condition is bad and the doctor is advising you to go to the emergency room right away, you can contact ambulance and ask for help. Now you see how the live service can be beneficial for everyone?

The Greater Benefits

There are some basic benefits that you can expect from this Onlive platform:

  • The live service is running online – which means that you won’t be limited by geographical boundaries, time limitation, and such thing alike. In most cases, you can also expect 24/7 service from the qualified experts
  • You make use of your technology and internet connection. You can be viewers but you can also be the providers. For every service offered on this platform, you can get the rewards in the form of ONL token – which will pay off your service
  • You can make money on the side. Don’t leave your day job – but having a side job that you actually love and enjoy would be great

You don’t always have to be viewers. Feel free if you want to be the service providers, provided that you have the skills or the abilities to offer to the platform. Let’s say that you are good at art craft. Why not show off your skills when making something? Or you are very good at cooking. Why not create your own community or loyal fan by offering cooking videos?

ONL Tokens

If you are interested in making an ICO investment and help to develop the platform, you can always take part in the token sales. Around 111 millions of tokens will be issued by the development team – and there would be two different sale stages.

Around 12,210,000 tokens will be offered during the pre-sale event while the remaining 61,050,000 tokens are set for the public sale. So, what do you think about Onlive?

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