Brief Introduction of BitGuild’s


BitGuild is a game platform that is currently developing their platform for game’s business. The promising future of video games can be expected since almost every people played the game every time. The game's world is always developing and give a better development of the video game.

The competitive side of them on the platform of the BitGuild. The users can get achievements by completing platform as well as completing game’s tasks. The achievement is shown through the points given to the participants who completed the mission. The points of the achievement will be sent to the participants’ wallet in the form of token.

BitGuild as Blockchain Based Game

Different from any other online games, the games on BitGuild are targeting international market. Usually, the games are split into regions and servers, thus that makes a player find a closer match from his or her country.

However, the blockchain based games can make it possible for the gamer to play with gamer from the far away country. There is a central server that makes it possible for someone who played the game in Asia to meet someone who played the game in the US.

That would make sure that the social interaction between gamer is reaching a wider space. Game character and the item auctions can be managed easily through smart contracts that the participants own.

The process of trades are safe and the participants do not need to worry about losing their token or virtual property. The games that will be hosted on the blockchain is any game that is considered to have a precious value in it.

The blockchain will make it possible for the gamer to try new genre called trade-centric games to be created which is not available previously in any technology.

Token Sale

Token PLAT
Token Price 1 ETH = 80,000 PLAT
Token Type ERC20
ICO Date March 15, 2018 — Apr 5, 2018
Available for Token Sale 4,500,000,000 Tokens
Minimum investment 0,5 ETH
Sold on pre-sale 12,000,000 USD
Fundraising Goal 17,600,000 USD

Roadmap of BitGuild

The roadmap of the BitGuild has been proposed earlier this year. As for the first quarter of 2018, they plan to do a token sale and doing initial platform development as well as creating the design of the game.

Then, for the second quarter of 2018, they will officially release the website of the platform, launch the community and beta launch the game. The next, for the third quarter, they will officially launch the game and the wallet. They will also open up the chance for the developers to join the platform.

As for the last quarter of 2018, they plan to launch five until six blockchain games on the platform which are available in five or more languages. This is important to target international users.

Then, for the first and second quarter of 2019, BitGuild plans to launched the blockchain games and add 15 or more languages and officially launch the BitGuild design house. Lastly, in the third and fourth quarter, they plan to launch 15 until 30 blockchain games on its platform.

The complete plan is ready since they are focusing on the international market. They are seriously targeting international market by launching in many languages.



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