IPSX and Its Major Role in IP Sharing


IPSX is determined to bring data mining activity to the next level – meaning that not only such a thing is made possible and affordable, it is also made easier. The idea of sharing IPs should be expensive and costly is no longer applicable to this platform. When this platform launches, IP sharing won’t only be easy but also affordable and inexpensive.

IPSX and Solutions of Common IP Problems

Why would anyone need to share IPs anyway? Well, IP addresses from all over the place around the globe can be accessed and collected to complete a certain task or several different tasks altogether.

Businesses and developers can take the benefits of IP sharing (or even renting) to create or develop a program. Such an activity is also helpful for analysis and observation.

There are some common problems related to IP sharing:

  • In the past, IP sharing was a costly activity. Only big businesses and industry could afford it. But thanks to this platform, this activity is now not only made easy but also made affordable and cheap.
  • IP share activity was limited and could only be done by those having the money, the power, and the resources for the data. Right now, everyone can share IPs and even rent them for the use of cryptocurrency as their main currency.
  • The activity of IP sharing was difficult. It took a lot of resources with the also complicated arrangement. Today, with this platform, IP sharing can be implemented and done easily and effortlessly. No need to do any fussy programs or too technical application. Once members join this platform, they can use the available app for sharing.

No more complicated arrangement anymore because of the IPSX. IP providers can be directly connected to the IP requesters for the management, as well as having the direct payment through the tokens.

What Is IPSX Token?

IPSX token is the cryptocurrency that will be the major currency for all the activities happening within this platform. It is basically an exchange unit within this ecosystem, used as many means of transactions, including commission payment, general transactions, and such things alike. Right now, the development team has only provided a scheme for currency and ICO investment.

They are still reviewing the legal matter of IPSX token use for wider implementation The idea is to use this token so any financial transaction or activity can be implemented or done easily. Token distribution and adoption will take place soon, with the sales period will open this 28 th of February 2018, followed by the distribution on 5 th of March 2018.

The development team has planned around 1,800,000,000 token release, with these allocation schemes:

  • 50% of them – around 900.000 – will be distributed for sales and funding participation
  • 27.5% of them – around 495,000,000 – will go to strategic partners and early adopters incentives
  • 20% of them – around 360,000,000 – will be used for strategic and team partners
  • 2.5% of them – around 45,000,000 – will go for bounty campaign

With the price of 1 ETH = 70,588 IPSX token, it would provide a profitable ground for ICO investment. Interested investors should wait for the sale period to open so they can join in this IPSX platform right away.



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