Giftcoin and the Implemented Updates and Info


If you think joining Giftcoin will deliver the same experience as the other platforms, it means that you haven’t seen the details of the platform. Yes, it is a platform running in charity and donation, but thanks to its advanced and sophisticated system, you can be sure that your money will reach the target. Not only you can track your donation, you can also get updates about it.

Giftcoin and Its Major Difference

This case may seem familiar: You want to take part in cancer research so you send a check to the organization. You may get a thank you SMS or note but that’s about it. You don’t get updates. You don’t get any notification. You don’t even know whether your money is sent to the intended target.

Trust is one of the biggest problems in charity and donation because you never know whether your donation is truly channelled to the needed parties. But with Giftcoin, everything will be different. No more worries or uncertainty – in fact, you can be 100% sure that your money is used for the good cause and it has been channelled properly.

The updates can be done in different manners. Let’s say that you want to help a boy from a poor family to get a proper education. After knowing the details of the education fee and cost, you make sure that you make a regular donation on monthly basis. Every month, you will get the notification and updates after the money has been automatically withdrawn from your wallet. You can even check whether the money is truly used for the boy and the updates aren’t fake. With blockchain technology, it is a guarantee that your donation won’t be manipulated or corrupted. After all, every transaction is recorded and shared, so it would be impossible to manipulate the platform.

There is still another way for getting updates about different kinds of programs. Supposed you want to contribute to a cause to make a dam in a remote and arid area. This project will be divided into several steps to make it easier. For instance, buying land is followed by digging and equipment purchase, and the final execution. For every step completed, you will get the updates. Once the land is purchased, you will be notified. Once the digging is done and equipment is bought, you will get another update. In short, you will get the updates, depending on the types of projects.

GIFT Tokens

The tokens are released not only as the major means of currency but also provides chances for investors. Anyone interested in the platform’s development and the future of donation industry can always take part in this platform. Money generated from the fundraising will be used for different activities, mostly for the platform’s development. Here is the breakdown:

  • 47% of the money will be used for technology and its development
  • 29% will be used for business purposes, especially marketing, PR, and promotion
  • 12% will go for accounting and legal matter
  • 7% will be dedicated for the team, including administration
  • 5% will be used for overheads and reserve

Anyone believing in a good cause should contribute. There is no harm in helping out others, especially with an honest platform like Giftcoin.



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