Giftcoin and How It Solves Common Donation Issues


Nothing can beat the feeling of satisfaction after lending a hand to others. Whether you only donate a small change for a cause, buy foods for the homeless, take part in a soup kitchen, being able to do social work will make your spirituality richer as an individual.

Unfortunately, donation and charity industry is profitable, attracting malicious people to take part. Because this industry can worth billions on yearly basis, a lot of people want to get a piece of the pie, which makes donation somewhat risky.

Common Issues

Here are some of the most common issues about donation or charity:

  • No transparent details of what happens to your donation. Is it really going to the needed community? Does the intended target receive the help? Are you sure that your donation is channelled properly?
  • High management fee. All institutions and organizations apply quite a high fee for the donation they receive. The numbers of donations are various, depending on each organization’s policy.
  • No updates or tracking ability. Once you donate or send the money, there is no way for you to know whether it has been used wisely or it has reached the intended donor.
  • Limited charity or donation organizations or institution. The common issue with traditional donation is that you can only choose one organization.
  • Limited flexibility or freedom in managing your donation. Whether you want to make a regular donation or one-time assistance, the feature is pretty limited.

All of these will change with Giftcoin. Here is how this platform changes the industry by addressing some of the crucial issues:

  • When you join in the platform, you can get transparent info and details about your donation. You can track it, find out to which point it has reached, and such thing alike. If you want to, you can manage whether you want to get updates or not. After all, everything is run and managed through blockchain technology and smart contract system – which means that everything is automated. There won’t be anyone responsible for handling the donation, removing the possibility that the funds will be corrupted.
  • There won’t be high management fee either. Yes, they will charge a fee but it is very small – only enough for proper management without enriching themselves.
  • Greater flexibility to manage your donation and also the chance to join different kinds of organizations without fuss or complications.

Tokens Functions and Allocations

The development team will release around 1 billion GIFT tokens. Sales periods will be done in two stages: in March 2018 and October 2018. The tokens can be exchanged with Ethereum and Bitcoin, with the value of 1 ETH is equal to 10,000 GIFT.

The allocations of those 1,000,000,000 tokens will be done in these manners:

  • Only 10% will be distributed during the first sales stage
  • 35% will be distributed during the second sales stage
  • 25% will be reserved or kept within Giftcoin Foundation
  • 15% will go to the team, including founders
  • 15% will be considered undefined which will be distributed among the community. These tokens can also be used for academic and educational research, business expansion, and overall development.

Anyone ready to join this Giftcoin platform?



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