Current in Solving Common Streaming Problems


You have to admit that today’s people spend most of their times in the digital world. Even for entertainment and amusement, people no longer depend on television because they know that they can get faster and more reliable entertainment through the internet.

This is one of the major reasons why people prefer streaming media than watching TV, Avid internet users even prefer switching to streaming service instead of consulting the search engine. When someone wants to know how to turn an old door into a handsome bookshelf, for instance, they prefer watching the videos to finding the information via Google.

Common Issues

Despite all of the benefits and perks of streaming media, there are some common problems often associated with this activity.

  • Fussy practice. When you want to join in a channel, you will have to create an account. Imagine how many accounts you should have when you join in 5 different channels?
  • Expensive service. Although some channels provide free service, most of the streaming channels charge a certain fee for subscription. Imagine how much should you pay for subscribing to different channels
  • Limited service and flexibility. You don’t really have the power to make adjustments to your liking. In most of these channels, you have to follow the restrictive rules without too much space to move around
  • No rewards. Despite your spent time and efforts for doing searches, you won’t be rewarded or whatsoever. Even when you share the media or you refer others to join, no one would appreciate your efforts.

The Solutions

These are the most common problems that Current is trying to address. What are the benefits of joining this platform?

  • Easy implementation. Current will connect you to various streaming sources and channels. Instead of creating different accounts, you only need to create one Current account and feel free to explore your way around. It is simpler and easier, and you only use one platform for different streaming activities.
  • Affordable service. Since you will be directly connected to these channels, you are eliminating the third party, which makes the overall fee expensive. Not to mention that you can enjoy the mining reward, which is also responsible for the inexpensive service.
  • The flexible arrangement with greater freedom. In this platform, you are free to do anything you like. Making adjustments to your account is made easier than before!
  • Reward and appreciation. The development team – and other parties, like developers – appreciate your time and efforts for the streaming. After all, this shared data can also help them. It is pretty logical if they give you tokens as a sign of appreciation.

Further Development with the Tokens

Current is releasing its own currency, which can be used for everything you like. You can spend the CRNC tokens, keep them, exchange them, send them away, and anything you like. If you want to take part in this community, owning the token is a must.

The sales period will start on 14th of March to 4th of April 2018. The funds from the sales will be used for technology research and development (40%), business and marketing (30%), business and operation such as partnerships or other platforms’ integration (25%), and administration, accounting, and legal (5%).



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