SyncFab: Tackling the Supply Chain Obstacles


Have you ever been to one store to buy something and notice that its price is different from other stores? Don’t you ever wonder what the causes? You are sure that the product is original and not fake, but what causes the different price? It’s all in the supply chain distribution, which is responsible for the extra price.

SyncFab is trying to tackle the issue with this problem, creating a new technology that ensures distribution efficiency.

Distribution Issues

Supply chain is important to deliver products from manufacturers to customers. However, often times, the chain is complicated and difficult, adding up extra prices to the price of the products. You probably want to have only one chain of distribution but the real world isn’t that easy.

It takes several chains of distributions for a product to get to the customers. And within each distribution chain, problem may arise. Not only such a chain is prone to issues, the cost for handle and delivery will also add up.

This is the main issue that SyncFab is focusing. They are trying to create a platform where it is possible to have peer to peer distribution. The main objective for this platform is to provide a place where manufacturers and customers can meet and interact, and the chain is distribution is made direct. It will save up a lot of money, resulting in cheaper price. And you can be sure that the products you receive is like ‘fresh from the oven’.

The idea is to create a platform where manufacturers and buyers can meet. Manufacturers can introduce, promote, and sell their products (or service), while any interested customers can order and make the purchase. Because it is using the blockchain technology, where everything is recorded, you can be sure that the transactions are all safe and legit. If you are afraid of being scammed, rest assured that such thing won’t happen.

General Benefits

There are some greatest advantages of using this SyncFab platform:

  • It is a transparent platform without anything hidden or concealed
  • It is using an advanced and the newest technology to make interaction and transaction easier
  • It uses cryptocurrency, which means that methods of payment are guaranteed to be efficient and safe in its application
  • It eliminated distribution complication and fuss, encouraging direct distribution

Moreover, if you are interested in investing your money, you can buy the MFG tokens which are used to fund the project. It is based on the idea that the value of MFG will increase after the launch, especially after many people realize its functionality and importance in efficient distribution.

If you want to make an investment, you can buy the tokens now while the price is still low. Once the platform is launched, the price may increase, giving you profits.

The token sale is only done in a limited time, so make sure that you give it a careful thinking. Once you make up your mind, you can buy the tokens (using the cryptocurrency, of course), and help developing SyncFab for its benefits.



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