Knowing More about the Repux Protocol


Data is an integral part of any research. It is the fuel that keeps researchers and developments running. Without data, we may assume that researchers lose the power to continue and developers lose that spark that could keep them going on. Any kind of research requires a strong backup of data, from market research to educational and scientific researchers.

The significance of data has been acknowledged for a long time, even though there is only a limited number of people already realizing that they could not move forward without quality and reliable data. However, this number keeps on increasing from time to time.

For software developers, for instance, data is an essential component that may help them to validate their findings. By having quality and reliable data, these developers could make sure that what they develop fulfils the needs of their target users.

In this regard, they may conduct a market research beforehand to determine what functions that their target users demand as well as post-development surveys to find out whether they have met these requirements or not.

Use of Data in System Development

The new system is most of the times associated with research. The very decision to adopt a new system derives from an in-depth research carried out by the research and development team towards a list of new concepts that could be employed within the company to bring about more profit and benefits to the workforce. In conducting the research, the development team would conduct a data collection measure to determine the most appropriate system to be adopted by the team.

This data collection measure involves a series of data collecting activities, from desk research to field research. These measures would involve a huge amount of data. Sometimes the team needs to dig deep to find the data that they need for the system development. Sometimes, the data they look for is just not available. This becomes problematic since the team could not go further without having validated and reliable data.

The use of data in system development does not stop there. After developing and installing the system, the developers would need to test whether they have already met their expected outcomes or not. They usually do so by carrying out a survey towards the users of the system. This is where the team would collect the data from the users. Again, data plays its significant role in this process.

Significance of Repux

Considering that data plays an important role in system development and business growth, Repux, as the marketplace for data trading, then becomes the central attention. Enabling users to conduct data exchange between them, Repux ensures that all parties, be it a business or developer, could acquire the data they need for their own business.

This platform allows businesses who possess abundant unused data to exchange them for money with developers who need them for their product development. It is indeed a good idea, as businesses could manage to get rid of their unused data while developers could easily gather the data for their needs.

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