Copytrack Brings Good News for Digital Creators


It is such a challenge for digital industry to make sure that any digital creation like image is protected. It might have already had license or what we call as copyright. But, there are still so many people use the image created by someone else without permission. The creator possibly can sue them. But, most of them do not pick this chance because they know that the end of story will become.

Copytrack will make all digital creators able to pursue the users who take their images illegally. They don’t need to go to court or hire a lawyer. The only thing that they have to do is uploading the image that they want to claim. The review using this platform will be held and the infringers will be told that they have to do payment because of using your image.

Don’t you think that it is good news? If you are an image creator, there is something that you have to do first.

Process To Take The Advantages of Copytrack Platform

It is as simple as like this. You know that there is someone (possibly more than one person) using your image. And you want them to pay because of their action. In old time, you have to do some procedures, like hiring a lawyer, completing some documents, and many others.You don’t need to do those things anymore. All you have to do is:

  • Upload the Image
    How many images that you have created? It doesn’t matter how many images you have. Just upload all of them. It would be better if you create categories and collections. Then, the crawling will be held automatically and constantly.
  • Select Hits
    If you find some illegal images, mark them.
  • Lean Back
    In this process, you need to determine how much money you want to get. It is what called royalty fee. Then, submit assignment in order that we do the rest of the process.

Those three processes are all the thing that you have to do using Copytrack platform. Simple, right?

What To Do Next?

Actually, there is nothing to do next except waiting. However, you don’t have to worry.Using this platform, payment will be sent fast by the infringer.

When you have done what you have to do, the infringers will get a letter explaining that they use certain images created by Copytrack client and we need them to provide a license proof. Invoice will be sent to them as well when they use commercial collection. When they deny and neglect, legal letter will be delivered. The lawyer is ready to send them to the court to do low enforcement.

Actually, legal letter is not needed. It is not what you expect, right? Hopefully, the infringers will soon payment or royalty fee for you soon after using your image. In fact, they have already make the most of your image for instance for their business, right? So, they deserve to give you royalty fee.


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