BABB and Transformation of the Regular Banking System


BABB - Some people have mistaken the concept of BABB platform into thinking that it is a place where they can borrow money. They think that it is the new platform where loan and credit are available for free. It is not really correct because it isn’t about providing a place for loan but it is a platform to revolutionize the regular banking system.

This platform is about embracing the underbanked or unbanked people, so they can get the same opportunity like the others.

What BABB Is Trying to Change

Although you may be able to get a direct access to banking system, would you believe that millions of others can’t get the same privilege? They are considered unworthy because they don’t meet the requirements.

Our regular banking system is sitting on an old structure – a structure that isn’t exactly friendly to everyone. Only those who have the money can get the access, while those who don’t are left behind.In the meantime, these underbanked people don’t really have the chance to prove themselves because they aren’t allowed to. How can they try proving their ability when the door of opportunity is tightly shut?This is the system that BABB is trying to change. They don’t want to change the problems on the surface only, but they want to target from the roots.

They want to provide equal opportunity for people, especially the unbanked ones. If they are given the chance to prove themselves, they can improve their lives and it affects microeconomy in a while. Unlike the regular banking system that focuses on the macroeconomy sector, this platform is focusing on the microeconomy – and how it can have a huge effect on the entire economy (and also financial)system.

The Starting Point

BABB will do it slowly and simply. First of all, they provide an easy access to UK bank accounts. The idea is to provide an easy access for the unbanked people to have their own bank account. It uses a blockchain technology so it is secured and safe. It is running on the decentralized system, which means that there is no one controlling or supervising everything – you are free to use the platform.

Second, this platform incorporates mobile applications, which is a logical thing to do considering that everyone depends so much on their smartphones. With the smartphone inclusion, everything is made easier and simpler. It will be running on global activities, so you can exchange currencies, send money, etc with simple swipe of your fingers. You can also set a fundraise project with crowdsource the financial services. This is definitely a good starting point for those who are unbanked or underbanked.

If you join the platform, you can enjoy the Black Card. It is similar to a credit card, but intended for your BAX money. As one of the revolutionary ways in cryptocurrency matter, the creation of Black Card is totally smart.

Final Words

If you want to contribute to the society, this platform can be the ideal way. You can also be the investor by buying the BAX token allowing you greater access to a great system. With BABB, not only it is beneficial for you but it also helps others.



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