Financial Regulator Unprepared, AMTL Comes Like A Hero For Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

If you involve in cryptocurrency world, you might hear the issue about cheating. Moreover,some people intends to have virtual currency for money laundry or terrorism financing.That is why some countries give much more attention to this problem.

However, the question is that why virtual currency acceptance is increasing? The answer is very simple. Demand is high. Much more people do trading using virtual currency. Even,some companies pay fee for their employers or business partners using this currency as well. It is expected that a lot of retail will provide one more payment system. It is using virtual currency.

Due to this fact, AMLT is made.

How Does AMLT Gives Impact To Cryptocurrency World?

The main issue is cheating in financial world. And it is much harder to avoid when people use virtual currency.

Actually, it becomes long time issue. The banks are trying so hard to overcome this problem. Unfortunately, they cannot do better than giving tighter regulation with one purpose; to help people avoiding cheating. And now they have another homework. It is making sure that people can transfer virtual money safely. It seems to be difficult for bank to do it.

The good news is that there is AMLT. The platform which is made by a company called Coinfirm has one fundamental vision. It is to make customers feel safe to do transaction using virtual currency with some features like AML/CTF Risk Report.

What is AML/CTF Risk? AML stands for anti-money laundering. And CTF is counter-terrorist financing. Both are illegal activities which are forbidden in any countries. Now,AMLT will give you information about them. With AML/CTF Risk Report, you are able to make good decision while you want to do transaction using virtual currency.

How Can You Trust AMLT?

Indeed, you can solely trust AMLT and finally use this platform. You might have another question. How can you truly believe it? Possibly, these following information make you sure that you can rely on AMLT.

1. AMLT Helps You To Meet AML Compliance

Actually, it is not only AML but also CTF. However, the most dangerous one is AML since money laundering is from any illegal activities like selling drugs, doing human trafficking, corruption, and many others. By using AMLT, you will be ensured that it is safe from any risks. You can avoid the case where police officers knock the door and try to arrest you since you are suspected as a person who takes apart in money laundry activity.

2. Community is Involved

For the times being. AMLT gives a permission for any members to give information and value the other participants or members.

3. Members Get All Required Information

There are some features that make members get information or even giving rating on specific addresses.

So, what do you doubt about? There is nothing for you to worry. Now, you feel 100% safe to do transaction using virtual currency because of AMLT existence. Try it right now. You will not regret.

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