Bankex Brings the Full Benefits of Asset Tokenization


Bankex - As cryptocurrency values increasing, the public has become more receptive to various financial transactions that involve cryptocurrency. It includes tokenization.

Tokenization is a process of converting real time asset into blockchain based token and Bankex is one of the best services to take the advantages of digitized asset.

The public is gaining interest in tokenization since it allows them to enjoy every single convenience blockchain offers while still maintaining the characteristic of the asset.

Why Tokenized Your Assets?

Real assets can come in myriad forms from stock to gold and even real estate. Assets can be very hard to trade in its real physical form. This is why the assets are converted into paper and that paper becomes a legal representation of the asset.

It is indeed make asset trading easier. Unfortunately, this practice doesn’t take the complication of the physical trading due to the complex legal agreements involves in it. In many cases it requires authentication from third party and even the authority which makes the process becomes even more complicated.

This is where tokenization shows its capability. Since the process takes advantage of blockchain, every transaction related to asset trading will be automated and it doesn’t require any third party intervention at all, which can be a great way for those who appreciate privacy.

Furthermore, blockchain is also more secure compared to tradititional encryption system. As a result, the risks of fraud can be minimized significantly.

The Role of Bankex in Improving Asset Tokenization

As a reputable provider of bank-as-a-service blockchain, Bankex will make sure that asset owners can feel the full benefits of asset tokenization. Its main product is a protocol called Proof of Asset, which puts additional layer between blockchain and the asset to ensure better transparency.

Even though the asset has been tokenized, the characteristic of the asset remains the same and the tokenized asset owner will not face any difficulties in dealing with traditional financial system. This is because Proof of Asset is designed to adapt with changes that frequently occurred in traditional financial system instead of getting away from it.

The biggest challenge of asset trading, in any forms, is liquidity. Liquidity doesn’t mean that it is impossible to trade the asset, it just can be very difficult to do it quickly without reducing the price. Bankex and its system also want to contribute to solve this problem. By ensuring the transparency of the asset, the asset will become more trustworthy.

Furthermore, tokenized asset is also easier to sell since blockchain automated system cuts all the formalities related to asset trading. Since the asset becomes more accessible and transparent, it also becomes more liquid. Furthermore, with a good liquidity, the asset also will have more value.

At this point, cryptocurrency values will not stop increasing, thanks to the rise of Bitcoin. Bankex provides a platform where asset owners can make profit together from mutual use of assets in a decentralized capital market. With Bank-as-a-Service principle that is very familiar to the public as well as its Proof-of-Asset protocol, Bankex is dedicated to improve its service and makes asset tokenization easier.



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