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Brief Information About Bonpay

Bonpay Wallet can be briefly referred to as the latest technology offering crypto currency withdrawal for anyone who signs up. Bonpay Wallet for free can be accessed through the web and in use in android or iOS version in 2018. Automatically, users who sign up for a bonpay account will get a bonpay crypto card with a private key that will protect you financially. The several currencies that apply in Bonpay include bitcoin, etherem, dash, litecoin, ERC20 tokens, and others.

The two most common and frequently used payment methods in the world are cash and credit cards. However, over time both methods will continue to be upgrading to improve services to its customers. Bonpay Wallet is one solution, is one method of payment that will not require long transaction time, high cost of building, and difficulty in its use. This allows everyone to use the bonpay cards in the present and future.

Best Deals From Bonpay

Bonpay wallet is a sophisticated, easy and convenient service with certain advantages, such as self-described data protection, cut-throat blockchain asset protection, a user-friendly interface, and more. In essence, this bonpay wallet is a technology that will allow you and your business to run, an ideal solution to attract funds for miner traders, webmasters, freelancers and others albeit in limited geographical and banking times.

This service has actually been developed since 2016, by using Bonpay Cards, users will be able to perform online and offline delimation safely, directly, and wide range, can be around the world in other words gives freedom to choose assets and how many assets want You spend in a short period of time. Bonpay Cards can also be useful in its use of paying on their staff without paying any additional fees and certainly saving time and money.

Bonpay Wallet Strength

As is known, cryptocurrency market is not very peopuler and strongly influenced by liquidity. If liquidity is higher, the cryptocurrency market will be higher and stable, and vice versa if quality is lower. Bonpay Wallet has the goal of improving the transparency of the cryptocurrency industry and opening up widely the market for its masses. By participating in Bonpay Wallet, you can solve cross-network transactions low-cost, simple, and quickly.

One of the advantages of Bonpay Wallet is its own known data protection. Although the bonpay wallet will be managed online by the server, but it is certain they will not know anything about the account that you created. So that makes the private owner hold full privacy and control on his own account. Bonpay wallet will also be equipped with technology that serves to secure financial privacy to be more flexible. In fact, if you lose a bonpay card, the procedure for returning or replacing the card will not be complicated, just log back into your account by using the web, no waiting for hours to replace the card, missing card confirmation will be received on the server side, will track the existence of your lost card.

Decentralization mechanisms aimed at making flexible, accurate, precise, and fast payments can be made with Bonpay Wallet. Users can redeem a bonpay wallet at least with 125 transparent, reliable, and fair currency. Bonpay wallets that have been backed by DLN will help separate the risk of incarceration in some exchanges so that it will unconsciously provide a stable stability to the system.

In its marketing, Bonpay Wallet will initially use ITS or initial token sale for later funds to be used to refinance and expand the reach of Bonpay Wallet users, in using ITS there are also applicable terms and conditions. The token sale has already begun from October 2017 and its token enthusiasts look increasing. As an initial reward party, Bonpay Wallet will also give special rewards to those who have registered token holders, the bonpay users will be given cashback of about 0.15% in tokens form. New if ITS marketing is above target, the next marketing strategy will be done by the Bonpay.

The scheduled bonus bonpay ITS is planned, among the first 24 hours will get 20% token bonus, in the first 2-3 days will get the addition of 15% token bonus,









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