What a Harvest Masternodecoin?

The development of Blockchain-based technology is currently growing very rapidly, Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency has now become the spotlight of the world with a fantastic price in 2017. However, many say that cryptocurrency markets such as bitcoin is still just beginning, therefore Harvest The Coin Method comes by giving a hope to young traders to gain more profit.

It was reported that the Harvest Masternode coin would have a huge advantage for anyone who contributed to it. In the coming journey the Harvest Masternode coin will fully support and refine this coin even more so it can compete with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin and other Cryptocurrency.

Harvest Masternode Coin is a distributed Cryptocoin based on blockchain network whereby anyone who participates in the network will be rewarded through static proof of stake.

The advantages of Harvest Masternode Coin in general will provide the leading jarinagan so that it can hold full masternode control without interference from bsuperfluous. If Intermediaries / gatekeepers who are at the receiving stage of PoS Block gifts with more than 80% will guarantee a very fast and secure transaction. Other advantages such as Multi-wallet, and wallet address that is anonymity is very complex.

The features of this Harvest coin are very unique from other cryptocurrencies that use Masternodes. Why uni? because the Harvest coin does not distribute the block rewards evenly, but uses a unique Proof of Stake (PoS). to divide the block - reward block between the mining distribution mechanism and the method.

This strategy ensures that the benefits gained are shared fairly to ensure that the number of users performing the PoS will not decrease. instead the sender should be priced in proportion to what they send to avoid user exploitation and improve centralization.


Unique harvest coin are compared to other cryptocurrencies that use Masternodes. This is because the Harvest coins do not distribute the gift blocks evenly but use a unique Proof of Stake (PoS) to split the award blocks between the mining distribution mechanism and the Masternode. This strategy ensures that the benefits gained are shared fairly to ensure the number of users performing the PoS does not decrease. Despite the extraordinary services provided by the Masternode, they should only be rewarded in proportion to the value they bring to avoid user utilization and increased concentration.

First, more than 80% PoS Pure reward stage is set to achieve optimal for investment.Then, 80% of the block bonus is dedicated to Masternodes while 20% is dedicated to node buildup.

There is a single wallet option for staking and Masternode. This means the wallet can monitor both Masternode services and the stalking coin. Pure PoS reward block mechanisms make it easy to adjust automatically. Adjust the block size between Masternodes and stacking.

The Harvest Masternode coin facilitates the user to set up a single setup option for staking and Masternode. Also, the wallet can be used for some Masternoda and all the rewards can be automatically parked automatically.

Another unique feature with this coin is that it facilitates instant and instant delivery. This means that when pulling to a new address, the transaction is approved faster than the normal transaction. Above all this, the Harvest Masternode coin has one of the lowest transaction costs.

Distribution HMC and Block Reward Schedule

A total of 2,000,000 HMC will be used to distribute initial HMC to thousands of users worldwide, gathered to join the HMC community. These coins are generated in the genesis block and will be trusted by the HMC team.

Harvest Masternode has made much progress. Every day, we get closer to our Testnet releases to meet the requirements that suit the production environment. The synchronization strategy of sharing and blockchain sharing and payment systems have all reached the final stages. Exceptional steps have also been achieved in network throughput and stability. The initial testnet will be aimed at scaling as many machines as possible in order to grow many people to join our network.